Easy Fall Crafts for Tweens

These fall crafts for tweens are easy, fun, and creative. Most of these projects are perfect for 10-12 year olds to accomplish with very little help from you!

We love these fall crafts for tweens because they are designed specifically for tweens to accomplish on their own. Most of them require very little help from a parent which makes them ideal for entertaining tweens on their own.

Our tweens like to craft so I keep some general crafting supplies on hand for them to use in projects like these. We also have collections of spring crafts for tweens and summer crafts for tweens so hopefully your kids will have a full slate of projects to keep them busy and creative all year long.

easy fall crafts for tweens to do, perfect for ages 10-12

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What makes these “tween” craft projects?

We like to make sure that the projects are geared towards kids in a way that makes them achievable on their own. Most of these projects are also more kids friendly in that they are creating something they’ll enjoy. It’s not fall decor on a budget that you’d make for your home as an adult!

Another thing that is great about these Fall crafts for tweens is that they can make gift-able items. It’s nice to let them put their own hard work into a handmade gift for friends, family members, etc.

Are these budget friendly fall crafts?

All crafting projects can be budget friendly if you repurpose items you have at home, make substitutions for items you have in your craft stash, shop sales, etc. Some of these projects require more/less materials. Just check them out first and let your kids choose from ones that have materials you are comfortable with or have on hand.

We like to shop sales at Michaels, Amazon, etc. to stock up on items that I think the kids (or I) will use throughout the year. If you find something they want to try, just keep an eye on the sales, free shipping, etc and do that project next time!

Can older or younger kids enjoy these fall crafting projects?

Sure! Anyone can enjoy these fall crafts for tweens. Ideally most of these projects can be completed by 10-12 year olds without much help from an adult. If you have younger kids in the mix they just may need a helping hand.

Older kids might think some of these are not super interesting, etc. Just use your best judgement as to what your family will enjoy and be able to handle on their own or with help. It’s never a bad time to have a family crafting day!

Fun Fall Themed Crafts For Tweens

Here we have it…the list of fall crafts for tweens. Let’s dive in and take a look at all of the cool projects your tweens can work on this fall!

Fall Crafts for Tweens

Big list of the best fall crafts for tweens. Projects that kids 10-12 can do on their own!

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