Make a Fall Leaf Garland from Paper

Make the most of the season by creating a DIY fall leaf garland from paper. It only takes a few supplies and minutes to make, but will have you celebrating the colors of fall for weeks.

The fall season has all the magical feels straight out of a storybook! The ravishing color changes in the foliage and chilly weather mean something new is about to come. Use fall colors and feels as inspiration for a new craft project. This paper fall leaf garland is one of the easiest and prettiest ones you can ever try. 

Use sturdy cardstock for this paper craft, and you’ll be able to re-use this garland year after year as a Fall and Thanksgiving decoration for your home.

easy diy fall leaf garland from paper

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Reasons why fall is the best season

There are so many reasons to love the fall season. It’s more than just pumpkin spice lattes, sweater weather, tree changes, and golden mornings. 

Fall hosts the best family get-togethers

Fall signals the beginning of the busy holiday season and family-centered occasions. Soon after Halloween and Thanksgiving, we will be celebrating Christmas and eventually welcome the New Year! There is no better time to be thankful for the people we love.

Sharing salted caramel cupcakes, maple-flavored donuts, pumpkin pies, along with our favorite fall activities–like apple picking–is a special time to create family traditions.

Fall is the most scenic season

Fall is full of spectacular colors. Maple trees and other trees of vibrant fall color are something to look forward to during this time of the year. Outdoor life is dominated by reds, purples, bronzes, browns, yellows and oranges – it’s like we’re living inside a fairy tale.

But really, whether you choose to spend time outdoors and take magnificent photos or at home to explore various fall flavors in the kitchen, fun awaits you! 

Fall is all about delicious food

Nothing can rejuvenate you more than enjoying the beauty of nature and delicious food during the fall season. Exploring the great outdoors is a good idea, but amusing conversations with people while sitting by the fireplace with tons of fall-flavored food and drinks around is equally remarkable.

There are so many flavors to explore aside from pumpkin. Try ginger, butterscotch, cranberries, cinnamon, pomegranate and more this fall.

Fall can be a season of renewal

Many think of fall as time for a fresh start. The change in seasons plays a crucial role in our moods, experiences, and realizations. The temperature and weather can affect us in many ways.

Some prefer to be around people, yet some would rather slow down and reflect. Sit by the window (overlooking vibrant trees) with a cup of hot apple cider. Take time to look back at your year so far, then contemplate the months ahead.

fall leaf garland from paper

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How to make a Fall Leaf Garland from paper



  1. Print out the template and cut out the leaf patterns. Select fall colored craft papers for the leaves and trace the leaf patterns on the selected craft papers. OR–draw or freehand your own leaves, and cut them out.

2. Select the same colored marker for each color of cutout leaf, and draw the vein patterns on them. You can use a fine-tip black Sharpie to add the veins, but using the same but darker shade of marker on each paper leaf cutout looks really nice. 

3. Cut out a piece of jute twine (or any other string you’d like. Keep extra 4 inches to 5 inches (or more) of the strand extra on both sides and attach the leaves between the extra lengths. 

5. Take a leaf cutout and turn into its wrong side. Apply glue on the stem part and place the strand between the leaf base and the stem.

6. Overlap the strand with the glued strand and attach it with the leaf base. Press against the glued part to make sure that the leaf is attached to the strand nicely.  

7. Similarly, attach the rest of the leaf cutouts. 

8. Turn the garland to the other side (the right side). Use the 2 open sides of the strand to tie a knotted loop so that you can hang them on a wall through the loops.

brown yellow and orange leaves on paper fall leaf garland

Try this simple craft for the fall season!

Fall, with its amazing fall flavor combos and gorgeous colors, inspires a lot of people to create. With this simple paper garland project, you can take fall’s pretty leaf colors inside your home in just minutes. Then enjoy them all season long!

paper leaf garland on pink background

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