Free Printable Summer Scavenger Hunt

Hey moms, it’s the time of year where we all want to get our big kids outside and playing. Wouldn’t it be great if we could find a way to do that without having them go stir-crazy? This free printable summer scavenger hunt will keep them entertained for hours, or at least until they’re hungry again! Plus, you can complete this hunt more than once during the summer season.

Tween and big kid printable summer scavenger hunt

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Why should big kids play outside?

Remember being a kid and playing outside for hours? It was the best! We would make up games, build forts, climb trees…the possibilities were endless. Nowadays, kids are more interested in their screens than exploring the outdoors, but it is so important to get them out there.

Playing outside has many benefits including improved moods, increased creativity and physical activity – not to mention fewer screen time battles at home. If your child isn’t quite convinced that playing outside is worth all this fuss, find ways to encourage them to get out alone, with their siblings, or with friends.

Free printables like this summer scavenger hunt are one way to get big kids back outside. You can even use this on a summer road trip or during summer vacation!

This free printable is offered for personal use, but you are allowed to make copies if you’re supplying a scout group, summer camp, or other group of kids.

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How to complete a scavenger hunt

Do you remember your childhood days of scavenger hunts? You get a list and go around town to find all the items on it, add them up when you’re done, and then turn in the list. Well, we’ve made a version for big kids and tweens that is more challenging and encourages them to get outdoors.

You can get creative with how you complete this, and even do it more than once over the summer. One option is to allow your child to take pictures of all the items they find using an old camera or smartphone. Another is to print multiple copies and encourage your big kid/tween to do a friendly competition with a friend.

You can also print on heavy white cardstock and laminate the summer scavenger hunt so that kids can write on it with dry erase markers and reuse it another time. Last, just print it out on regular printer paper for a couple hours of fun.

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How to print this tween summer scavenger hunt

When you click to download the Summer Scavenger Hunt file, a PDF file will save to your computer. When you go to print, be sure and click “Fit to Printable Area” so none of it is cut off.

This summer, especially, it’s important for big kids and tweens to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. And they get to socialize again! Hoping this free printable scavenger hunt game will help you with that goal.

free printable summer scavenger hunt for big kids and tweens

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