Leprechaun Coloring Pages

Print these leprechaun coloring pages for a magical coloring experience.

Real or not, leprechauns have captured the imaginations of many people from all over. They are a crucial part of Irish folklore and are often associated with Irish tradition and St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.

So work on these leprechaun coloring pages and get to know these trickster fairies more! 

printable leprechaun coloring pages

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When we color, our brains enter a state of mindfulness. We get to focus on the moment and let go of our worries. As a result, we feel more optimistic and confident! Coloring is a straightforward activity. All you need is a coloring sheet and some colored pencils, markers, or crayons.

It is a fun, convenient activity for anyone, regardless of their level of creative ability. It helps you express yourself in a non-verbal way and translate your feelings into captivating visuals. Moreover, those who love to color with loved ones can strengthen their social connections and enjoy more significant support from people who matter the most.

Are you feeling stuck and uninspired? Uncover the creative in you today with the help of these leprechaun coloring pages. While it’s not a cure for mental health problems, it’s a fantastic task that can improve your mood and promote relaxation.


This set of 5 has different styles. Print one leprechaun coloring page, or print them all! The backgrounds are blank for easier printing, so feel free to add fairy tale-like forest background designs.

horseshoe with four leaf clovers


In Irish culture, a leprechaun is a type of fairy often depicted as a small man with a long beard and pointed ears, wearing a hat and a green suit. They are known for their mischievous ways and love for gold. Folklore says that they hide their hard-earned gold coins at the end of a rainbow, so no other creature can ever find them. 

They hide from everyone, living in tree trunks or underground caves in woodlands. They enjoy music and spend a lot of time drinking and dancing with other fairies. When they’re not merrymaking, they practice their magical abilities. Leprechauns can vanish into thin air anytime they want, conjure up images, and grant wishes (only if you catch them!).

leprechaun and rainbow graphic

Leprechauns may have a penchant for trickery, but they are beloved symbols of good luck. They are one of the many symbols of St. Patrick’s Day, a celebration of the life and legacy of Ireland’s patron saint, Saint Patrick. Observed every March 17, it’s a fun event filled with parades and all things green. 

Today, leprechauns are considered fictional characters and cultural icons in modern-day Ireland. These beings are a popular subject in literature, film, and other forms of media, sparking children’s imagination and encouraging them to appreciate different cultures. 

According to legend, leprechauns can only be found in remote areas in Ireland. And even if fairies are real, looking for them can be challenging. These leprechaun coloring pages can help you design your fairy friends without exploring far-flung forests. This is undoubtedly the best activity for those who want to dive into the depths of Irish folklore more visually. 



When you download the Leprechaun Coloring file, it will save to your computer as a PDF. Then, you can print as many as you would like.

Use regular white printer paper when you print these coloring pages. You can print one of each of the 5 choices, or print several of your favorite pages!

All 5 of these leprechaun pictures have black lines, nothing in color. But you still want to be sure and print in black & white ink so you don’t use up your color ink.

printable leprechaun printables


The fun doesn’t have to stop! Download and print more coloring pages for kids:

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