Rainy Day Word Search 

Need something fun to brighten up a gloomy day? Try our free printable rainy day word search puzzle!

Rainy days bring tranquility and peacefulness to many of us. The serene environment, cool air, and the soothing pitter-patter of rain have a calming effect, making us feel relaxed and sleepy.

But it’s also the best time to be productive and engage in enjoyable indoor activities. This rainy day word puzzle is one of the best activities you can do on a drizzling day! 

rainy day word search puzzle

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Printable Rainy Day Activity

Enjoy rainy days in every way possible. You could splash around in puddles or walk with an umbrella or raincoat on. You can also take a scenic drive with the family to appreciate the beauty of the overcast weather. Moreover, besides spending time outdoors, you and the kids can also try brain-boosting indoor activities that can keep you busy for quite a while. 

You don’t have to worry about getting wet or muddy. Although some people feel down during drizzly weather, this is still a great time to get cozy and do entertaining indoor tasks. Work on this rainy day word search to challenge your brain as you sit on the couch at home and listen to the peaceful sound of the rain.

Rainy Day Word Search

Printable word searches can be done anywhere, as long as you have a highlighter, pen, or printer. It’s not just a pastime! Finding words allows you to focus, fully engage in a screen-free task and avoid distractions. 

A sense of accomplishment comes with finishing a puzzle, making you feel confident and proud of yourself. Find 18 rainy day-themed words hiding somewhere – horizontally, vertically, and diagonally. Then, mark the words using your favorite highlighter or encircle them with a pen!

Where Can You Use Rainy Day Word Search?

This free printable is for your personal use, but you can make copies if you need them for:

  • winter camp for kids
  • scouts or other community groups
  • celebrating a winter birthday
  • road trips or flights this winter
  • rainy day indoor fun

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How to Print This Rainy Day Word Search 

Just click the big button below, and the Rainy Day Word Search Puzzle PDF will download to your computer. Then, print it on your home printer. You can print in black & white or color, it’s up to you. Be sure to click “Fit to Printable Area” or you will lose the words at the bottom of the page.

free printable rainy day word search puzzle

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