Free Printable Bird Coloring Pages

Do you find birds beautiful and fascinating? If yes, then I’m sure you’ll love working on these printable bird coloring pages.

Birds are wondrous creatures for thousands of reasons. Perhaps the number one thing that make them unique is their ability to fly. Just imagine gliding through the skies and admiring the beauty of the world! The fact that some of them can fly for miles and miles to migrate without ever having to stop is just incredible.

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Black and white bird coloring pages on pink background

Coloring pages are not just for children – they are for people of all ages! Working your way through coloring sheets allows you to express yourself in an enjoyable way that you can’t in your job and other day-to-day routines. If you’re a busy adult who is looking for a new way to unwind after a long day, this is perfect for you. 

Coloring makes a great pre-bedtime ritual, and it’s obviously healthier than common browsing social media or binge-watching favorite shows. It’s okay if you’re not an experienced artist. These bird coloring pages have simple designs – perfect for beginners. You can add your own personal touch to every pattern, and incorporate flourishes yourself!


This set of 5 has different styles. Print one bird coloring page or print them all! The backgrounds are blank for easier printing, so you can easily add your own tree and other habitats.

Colorful birds perched on bird bath


Most of us just watch birds from afar but we can all agree that they are fascinating creatures. There is something about them that makes us love them above everything else. We even want to be birds ourselves! Flying is a superpower many wish to have. 

Bird owners and bird watchers will tell you that these creatures are more than just flyers. They communicate amazingly with people on levels unrivaled by other species. Their profound intelligence and distinct anatomies make them truly special. We co-exist with around 10,000 different bird species, complete with all sizes and colors. Birdwatching can happen anywhere! 

Large parrot red green and blue perched on wooden stand - bird coloring pages

Birds are literally part of our lives. Throughout history, they have been used as representations of human life, oftentimes seen as good and bad omens. Crows, just like other black birds, are seen as symbols of death and bad luck. Eagles, on the other hand, embody independence and freedom. Each bird delivers a remarkable impression! Owls suggest wisdom, mystery, and magical powers, while bluebirds are associated with hope and happiness. 

If you’re looking to attract birds to your garden–for birdwatching or to control garden pests–consider feeding them their favorites. Different species have different feeding preferences and dietary needs, but most of them prefer insects and plant materials. They eat worms, seeds, nuts, and small fruits. In comparison, bigger birds like vultures and hawks eat small animals like snakes and rodents. 

It’s time to turn your love for birds into a craft! With these bird coloring pages, you can decorate the patterns based on your own style. If you want, you can even create rainbow-colored birds – even more colorful than the ever-popular Scarlet Macaw. There is nothing like dealing with electrifying colors and enjoying the beauty of your creative outputs!

Colored pencils and shavings from pencil sharpener



When you download the Bird Coloring Pages file, it will save to your computer as a PDF. Then, you can print as many as you would like.

Use regular white printer paper when you print these coloring pages. You can print one of each of the 4 choices, or print several of your favorite pages!

All 5 of these cute bird pictures have black lines, nothing in color. But you still want to be sure and print in black & white so you don’t use up your color ink.

Black and white bird pictures to color


The fun doesn’t have to stop! Download and print more cute coloring pages for kids:

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