Seasonal Crafts for Kids and Tweens

The complete collection of all the seasonal crafts for kids can be found here. Simply scroll through the holidays and seasons to find the one you are looking for. Can’t find one that you want?  Just ask!  You may see it soon!

Here at CraftsKidsLove, we offer all kinds of paper projects that are perfect for tweens and big kids to do on their own, or with just a little bit of help.

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Why tweens and big kids should make crafts

Improve self-esteem

Creative activities establish a sense of achievement and can help children boost their self-esteem. They are totally in control of each project. The more they do it, the more their self-confidence grows. 

Encourage self-expression

Through arts and crafts, you can encourage your children to express themselves more. Introverted kids may have a hard time releasing those hidden emotions and feelings. Colors and papers can be their best friends! 

Be more creative and innovative

Arts and crafts can help kids (and adults!) innovate and think differently. Working on crafts is a process, and along the way, we encounter issues that we need to solve. These issues nurture creativity, and also allows us, especially children, to be more versatile and resourceful.

Spring Season

20+ Spring crafts for kids to do by themselves

15 Spring craft kits for big kids

Summer Season

30+ Super summer crafts for tweens

Free printable summer building challenge

Free printable summer word search

Tween and big kids 4th of July Crafts

Printable 4th of July activity sheets

Free printable summer scavenger hunt

Fall Season

Easy fall crafts for tweens

Fall leaf garland

Fall coloring pages

Winter Season

Easy winter crafts for tweens

Homemade Christmas cards

Four seasons - snow on evergreen tree, cherry blossoms, green leaves and fall colored leaves | seasonal crafts for kids

Valentine’s Day Holiday

Free printable Valentine’s coloring pages

Free printable Valentine word search puzzle

Mother’s Day Holiday

20+ Homemade Mother’s Day cards

20 Easy crafts for Mother’s Day

Free printable Mother’s Day card to color

Father’s Day Holiday

Father’s Day Trophy Card

Father’s Day Craft Ideas for Tweens

Looking for more crafts for big kids and tweens to do by themselves? Check out our collection of Paper Crafts and also our Printables for Kids.