30 Cool Winter Crafts for Tweens

This big list of winter crafts for tweens is especially for kids ages 10-12. Most can be done alone, others with just minimal help from an adult. It’s fun to fill up a snow day or winter break with seasonal crafts.

I’ve found the “tween years,” ages 10 to 12, to be really challenging. Kids this age want independence and push back. But they also aren’t as mature as teens and can’t necessarily handle the independence of older siblings. 

Giving tweens the space and opportunity to get creative and artistic is meaningful any time of year. But with long days off school during winter break and the possibility of getting snowed in, this list of tween crafts is good to have on hand!

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Our tweens like to craft so I keep some general crafting supplies on hand for them to use in projects like these. We also have collections of spring crafts for tweenssummer crafts for tweens and fall crafts for tweens, so hopefully your kids will have a full slate of projects to keep them busy and creative all year long.

White snowflakes and red ribbon on chalkboard and wooden table - winter crafts for tweens

Winter Crafts for Tweens

While your tween is home this winter, introduce some of these fun craft projects! Most of these can be done by your 10-12 year old by themselves. A few may require a little assistance from you. 

Sometimes we moms need a reminder to back off and let your tween try new things–and succeed or fail on their own. I know I do!

My kids have enjoyed inviting a few friends over to make crafts together. It’s such a great way to connect during the winter break.

Winter Crafts for Tweens

This big list of winter tween crafts is for kids 10-12 to do alone or with minimal help from an adult.

More craft ideas

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