Horse Crafts for Tweens

These horse craft kits are for big kids aged 9-12 who love creativity and the world of horses. Our list of horse crafts for tweens is a great way to gift something special to your horse fan.

Horses are majestic, elegant creatures that capture the hearts of people everywhere. There’s something magical about how their tails and manes dance with the wind and how they gallop in open fields. They are an inspiration for many of us! By looking at them or working on horse-themed crafts, we can spark our imagination, bond with our loved ones, and nurture our artistry.

The Horses We Love

Many people have fallen in love not only with real-life champion racehorses but also with their fictional counterparts. Take Black Beauty, for instance, the beloved horse from Anna Sewell’s 1877 novel. This iconic equine is admired for his grace, strength, and deep connection with his human friends.

And who can forget Shadowfax, the majestic horse of Rohan from J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings” series? As the Lord of All Horses and Gandalf’s trusted companion, Shadowfax is said to run faster than the wind and even comprehend human speech. He’s a descendant of a long line of mighty, powerful horses!

Of course, no discussion of legendary horses would be complete without a mention of Pegasus. Pegasus emerged from the blood of Gorgon Medusa after her beheading by the hero Perseus. In Greek mythology, this winged horse was the loyal companion of Bellerophon. He represents inspiration, magic, transitions, imagination, and creativity. 

Horses are magnificent creatures that symbolize independence, freedom, and strength. Let them inspire you to unleash your own creativity, one horse craft kit at a time!

The Best Horse Craft Kits for Tweens

The Best Horse Craft Kits for Tweens

Check out these fantastic horse craft kits that are guaranteed to be a hit with your tweens.

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If you and your kids want a fun way to express your love for horses, these horse crafts for tweens are the best choices. Whatever their crafting skill level, there is a complete set for them. Each of these kits is an investment, so everyone can enjoy creating something beautiful while boosting their creative prowess. 

These horse crafts for tweens are fun craft kits best for ages 9-12.

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