Dragon Crafts for Tweens

These dragon crafts for tweens are craft kits with everything you need to make dragon arts and crafts projects at home. They also make great gifts for the tweens in your life!

Dragons are royals of the mythological world. In books and movies, these mighty, fire-breathing creatures are usually portrayed as protective and dangerous.

But the truth is, descriptions and perceptions about them vary. Throughout the years, they’ve represented a mix of characteristics and personalities.

Dragons are awesome! They captivate our imagination and inspire those just starting to explore their creativity.

15 dragon crafts for tweens

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What Do Dragons Symbolize? 

Some dragons look like sea serpents, while others are bat-winged with barbed tails. While they are mostly seen as horrible monsters in pop culture, many cultures worldwide have great respect for them.

Chinese dragons are symbols of royalty and power. Japanese tradition also sees them as protectors, guardians, and benefactors of mankind. 

In the west, dragons are perceived as treacherous and evil creatures, often responsible for the death of a brave knight. Even so, their regal appearance and extraordinary abilities impress people of all ages, especially children.

It’s time to reintroduce dragons to them, this time in a unique, creative way. 

dragon statue on pedestal

Work on Dragon Crafts With Your Tweens Today

Invest in the best materials to make your kids’ projects stand out. Luckily, best doesn’t always mean expensive.

These kits make it easy for your and your tweens to work on remarkable masterpieces together. An affordable set can be the beginning of a lifelong hobby!

Our list includes all kinds of dragon craft projects, like origami and embroidery. There are also plenty of paper crafts with dragons. Take a look!

More Dragon Projects

Dragon at Harry Potter World in Orlando - dragon crafts kits for tweens

Dragon Crafts for Tweens

Your tweens will love these dragon craft kits! 🙂

colorful dragon with paintbrushes

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