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Paper Crafts for Kids and Tweens

Paper is one of the best craft supplies because it’s so affordable. Plus, you can make so many different types of projects with paper! This page collects all of our paper crafts for kids and tweens.

What kind of paper is used for crafting?

It’s a good idea to keep multiple types of paper on hand for making craft projects. The weight of the paper can make a difference, depending on the project. For example, origami paper is very thin, making it easier to fold. It’s also double-sided so that it looks nice on both sides. Cardstock paper is thicker and works well for garlands and greeting cards.

If you’re printing coloring pages, regular white printer paper is fine. But if you plan to use your coloring pages as wall decor or another purpose to last a while, print onto white cardstock instead.

Origami Crafts

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Child hands folding red paper into origami

Paper Tracing and Construction Crafts

How to Make a Paper Boat

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Different colored cardstock papers in rolls with pencil and scissors - paper crafts for kids

Other Paper Crafts

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