How to Make Cat Origami

Learn how to make cat origami using craft paper or origami paper. Make a black cat for Halloween, or any color cat any time of year. Paper crafts are super simple to make!

Cats of all colors and sizes are adorable, but is there anything more regal than the black and shiny ones? Black cats are not only unique. They are Halloween icons, and we draw a lot of inspiration from them.

If you are looking for a simple activity in time for the spooky season, or you just want to practice your creativity with your favorite animal as the subject, you will love this. It’s time to turn your love for black cats into a one-of-a-kind origami project. 

how to make origami cats with paper

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The Black Cat as an Iconic Halloween Symbol

For centuries, black cats have been associated with tons of dark myths and superstitions. But are cats really monstrous creatures that came to this world haunt us? Turns out, it depends where you are and the culture you grew up in. Black cats may be often associated with bad luck and evil, but there’s more to them than all the eerie impressions. 

1. Mavrogatphobia is the fear of black cats

Yes, you read that right. Mavrogatphobia is a legit phobia that comes from the age-old superstitions that black cats are creatures of bad luck and evil. Irrational, yes! So if you have friends or relatives who are experiencing this, help them ride out the anxiety. All phobias can be successfully treated. Exposing himself or herself to black cats in a controlled environment in a gradual manner is a huge help, until fear disappears forever. 

2. Black cats have always been associated with witches

In medieval Europe, black cats are notorious witch companions. They were seen as bad luck, as loyal partners of witches who curse good people. It was also believed that witches can also turn themselves into black cats. Exactly how vampires transform to bats!

3. Black cats are deemed lucky for those looking for love

Listen up, single ladies. In Japan, black cats are considered lucky charms for those who are looking for love. Caring for them supposedly brings in a lot of handsome suitors. Who would have thought that black cats can play cupid?! Black cats are also regarded as lucky by couples in England. Gifting a couple a black cat on their wedding day is a symbol of good luck. 

4. Black cats bring good luck to travellers

Across Europe, there are tons of stories about black cats and the luck they bring to travelers. Black cats are the ultimate lucky charms for European sailors and fishermen. Their loved ones also keep them at their houses as a good omen for their safe return. 

5. Black cats are iconic Halloween figures, but the truth is, they are just like any other cute cat

Halloween is plagued with various superstitions and myths, many of them involving black cats and their supposed connection with evil. Some say we must never turn our backs on black cats or we will be cursed. Others say that when a black cat is found on the bed of a sick person, it will bring death. The truth? Black cats are far from bad luck and evil. They are no different from other cute, affectionate cats! 

Black cats are beautiful, sweet, and warm – the ideal companions and the best inspiration for any creative project. 

How to Make Cat Origami

You will need:

  • Colored craft papers
  • Craft glue
  • Pencil
  • Scissors


  1. Select 2 square paper sheets of the same size. Take any one of the square sheets to craft the head.

2. Fold the paper in half diagonally.

3. Fold up the right corner to the top.

4. Fold up the left corner to the top.

5. Hold the top right corner and fold 2/3 part of the right flap downwards.

6. Similarly, fold the left flap and then rotate the paper to 180 degrees or simply, bringing the bottom side of the pattern to the top side.

7. Fold up ¼ of the current paper on the bottom side and fold down ¼ of the top corner.

8. The bottom end of the current pattern has 2 layers. Fold the both layers inwards.

9. Flip the current paper to the other side and draw the face of the origami cat on it. This is the head pattern of the origami cat. Take the other square paper and fold it in half diagonally.

10. Unfold the top corner of the head pattern and insert the diagonally folded papers’ either of the 45 degree corners through the bottom open end of the head pattern.

11. Arrange the head pattern’s top corner and the diagonally folded papers corner (inside the head) nicely and then fold the top corner of the head pattern again.

12. Fold up the bottom corner of the diagonally folded paper to form the tail of the origami cat.

gray origami paper cat - tutorial how to make cat origami

Everyday is Black Cat Appreciation Day

Notorious horror characters in the movies, but they win hearts in real life! Black cats are the sweetest ever, and we should celebrate our love for them every day, even during Halloween.

For those who are just beginning to discover their love for these cats, working on this origami project is a good starting point. It’s a fun activity anyone would enjoy even beyond the Halloween season. 

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black and gray origami paper cat - tutorial how to make cat origami

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