Make a Fall Leaf Garland from Paper

easy fall leaf garland from paper

Make the most of the season by creating a DIY fall leaf garland from paper. It only takes a few supplies and minutes to make, but will have you celebrating the colors of fall for weeks. The fall season has all the magical feels straight out of a storybook! The ravishing color changes in the … Read more

How to Fold Maple Leaf Origami

Brown red and yellow maple leaves

Learn how easy it is to fold maple leaf origami! Choose your own fall colors to create these easy paper leaves. It’s officially fall! Different kinds of trees are about to show off their vibrant leaves, but is there anything more magnificent than the bright shades of red, orange, and yellow of maple trees? You … Read more

The 15 Best Books with Paper Projects for Kids

books with paper projects for kids

Try something new! These books are a great introduction to the delightful world of papercrafting. We’ve picked the 15 best books of paper projects for kids. Then, try more paper crafts for tweens and big kids. Paper crafts are fun, but sometimes you need detailed visual instructions. All of these books with paper projects for … Read more

The Cutest Corner Bookmarks for Halloween

Making bookmark corners from paper is easier than you think! And these Ghosts, Bats and Candy Corn make the cutest corner bookmarks for Halloween. See how much fun simple paper crafts can be. Halloween is just around the corner, and kids and adults alike are looking for new ways to get into the Halloween spirit. … Read more

How to Make Cat Origami

Learn how to make cat origami using craft paper or origami paper. Make a black cat for Halloween, or any color cat any time of year. Paper crafts are super simple to make! Cats of all colors and sizes are adorable, but is there anything more regal than the black and shiny ones? Black cats … Read more

How to make an Origami Paper Ghost

Get in the Halloween spirit with this cute origami paper ghost. With just one sheet of paper, you can fold a paper ghost! Easy paper crafts are a fun way to celebrate the holiday. Origami is an ancient Japanese art form that has gained so much popularity worldwide in recent years. Basically, it’s all about … Read more

Origami Witch Hat for Halloween

Learn how to make an origami witch hat with just a few supplies! Make a paper witch hat for Halloween decorating or just for fun. Paper crafts are great for the holidays. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about Halloween? Probably pumpkins, trick-or-treating, parties, DIY decor, and all … Read more

10 Easy DIY Paper Crafts for Tweens

colorful paper for easy DIY paper crafts

When it comes to crafting, won’t you agree that the best craft supply is paper? The magic of turning simple paper into something beautiful, with easy DIY paper crafts, is just so fulfilling. That’s why we love paper crafts so much! This list of fun crafts for tweens with paper will give you lots of … Read more

How to Make a Boat from Paper

Paper sail boat

Learn how to make a boat from paper with this tutorial. Paper crafts for kids are hands-on and engaging, plus it is time off screens–bonus! Looking for a simple art project to keep your children creatively engaged and busy? Help them make paper boats! It’s one of the best paper crafts out there. Paper boats … Read more

How to Create a Simple Salt Painting

This fun and simple craft only calls for a few materials but will lead to tons of fun. Water color paint, salt (yep, just regular salt) and glue are the main items you will need to create a salt painting. So, just what is salt painting? Salt painting is just what it sounds like. The … Read more