How to make an Origami Paper Ghost

Get in the Halloween spirit with this cute origami paper ghost. With just one sheet of paper, you can fold a paper ghost! Easy paper crafts are a fun way to celebrate the holiday.

Origami is an ancient Japanese art form that has gained so much popularity worldwide in recent years. Basically, it’s all about folding papers and creating different shapes of different sizes. Sounds complicated, but it’s so easy to make!

If you are thinking of decorating your home for this coming Halloween, you’ll love this simple (or spooky?!) origami paper ghost project.

origami paper ghost on pink background

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Are All Ghosts Scary? 

Ghosts are supposedly the spirits of dead people and animals that still inhabit the world of the living. They appear in various forms. Most of the time, they look like white, glowing figures. Not all people witness these unusual sightings and science continues to disprove their existence, but who knows, right?

I don’t think anyone would ever want to see one in real life. Really scary! Wait… turns out not all ghosts are scary, at least in movies, TV shows and games. Some are cute and friendly. 

Let Your Halloween Theme Be Cute Ghosts

Before starting our little origami ghost project, here are some ghosts that can serve as your inspiration. 

1. Casper

Charming his way through live action films and cartoons, Casper is probably one of the most popular friendly ghosts we all know and love! Spread kindness, not fear, he says. Casper is proof that behind every spooky vibe is a touching story of life and death. 

2. The Ghosts at Hogwarts School (Attention, Harry Potter Fans!)

In Hogwarts School, each house has its own ghost. Nearly Headless Nick. The Fat Friar. Moaning Myrtle. The Grey Lady. The Bloody Baron. Not all of these ghosts are as friendly as Casper, but each has their own interesting story to tell. 

3. Ghost-Type Pokemon

Pokemon, or pocket monsters, are just like animals, cute and fierce, and may live alongside humans or in the wild. Among these Pokemon are ghost-type ones, the most popular being Gastly, Haunter, and Gengar. They are three of the most elusive Pokemon in the whole franchise, but also the most well-loved! 

4. Slimer

A ghost that can spew slime?! Slimer is a charismatic green ghost from the “Ghostbuster” franchise. He was so popular that he got a huge role in a spin off series, and eventually became the Ghostbusters’ mascot and friend. From being a ghost who needs to be busted to ghostbuster BFF.

5. The Pac-Man Ghosts

Not much is known about Pac-Man’s enemies, Inky, Pinky and Blinky, but they are so popular in the video game landscape. Ghosts often function as villains in movies, TV shows and games, though there’s nothing like these colorful bullies chasing a protagonist who looks like an animated pizza! 

Ready to Start a New Origami Project? 

Origami is all about simplicity. Projects can be done at home, on the train or anywhere else! All you need are your hands and a piece of paper. But here’s an important tip. Many people practice origami not just for creativity but also for mindfulness. It’s best to find a relaxing space to do this activity – may be outdoors in a garden or in a quiet room in your home. 

How to make an Origami Paper Ghost

You will only need two supplies:

  • Craft paper
  • Sharpie marker


  1. Prepare a square paper, we’re using an 8 inches x 8 inches paper.

2. Fold the square paper into half diagonally on both sides and then unfold. This will leave creases. 

3. Fold in any 3 corners of the square paper towards the center. All 3 corners should reach the center of the square paper. 

4. Unfold the last 3 corner folds.

 5. Flip the square paper. Hold the intact corner and fold it towards the crease of its opposite corner. 

6. Flip the paper to the other side. 

7. Fold in the left and right corners by making folds along the creases created in step 3. 

8. Flip the paper to the other side again.

9. Fold the left and right sides of the current paper inwards, aligning them along the middle line. Draw the corners towards the current side as well. 

10. Unfold the right side (right flap of the current pattern).

11. Bring the top side along the right side of the flap and fold it neatly. 

12. Hold the bottom corner of the flap and slowly draw it to the right side, making a neat fold along the bottom corner and its opposite corner. 

13. Similarly, fold the left side of the current pattern. Fold the bottom right side along the middle and do the same for the bottom left side too. 

14. Flip the current pattern to the other side. 

15. Use a sharpie to draw the face of the origami ghost.

how to make an origami paper ghost

Let your Halloween Be… Full of Awesome, Friendly Ghosts!

Time flies so fast. The year is almost ending, but before the holiday festivities, we need to celebrate one more thing – Halloween. By making some paper ghosts with some friendly and popular spirits in mind, you can make your Halloween experience even more entertaining. You can either embrace the ghost theme or combine it with your pumpkin and haunted house ideas. Ready? Good luck on this year’s spooky project! 

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