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The Best Tween Craft Kits on Amazon

Looking for cool gifts or boredom busters for kids ages 10-12? These tween craft kits are creative projects to keep them occupied for hours, sometimes days, depending on the activity. They’re also a great way for tweens to try a new hobby or interest.

If you don’t have art supplies or other materials to work with at home, look for fun craft kits like these that will not only keep your children entertained but also help them improve their creativity, self-confidence, and their focusing skills.

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Some activities may require parent involvement, but the more they can do on their own, the better. Tweens, kids ages 10-12, like to be independent. Giving them time to be creative helps them grow and learn.

The Best Craft Kits for 10 to 12 Year Olds

1. Diamond Painting Kit

Diamond painting is a new favorite among DIY artists and crafters. In just a short period, it has become so popular in the craft world! Maybe because, unlike other projects, there’s no need to spend a ton of time learning about diamond art and doing it right. It’s a perfect pastime after crazy outdoor games outside! The colorful, shiny resins made to look like diamonds are so relaxing to work with.

2. Window Art Kit

Suncatchers are little reflective ornaments that can be hung in windows to catch the sunlight. It’s easy and fun to make! Thanks to cheap window art kits, children can explore window art creation, design fun patterns, mix various vibrant colors and paint personalized designs to express themselves more. 

3. Coloring Puzzle

When we hear the word puzzle, we often think about classic jigsaw and crossword puzzles. Children love problem-solving, especially the most challenging ones. Why not let them try 3D coloring puzzles? These puzzles are designed to provide many hours of productive play for young people, challenging their minds to keep all the stress and boredom away. 

4. String Art Kit

String art is composed of a unique arrangement of colored threads strung between points to create geometric patterns. It’s not just simple geometric patterns, several artists are already making use of this art form to come up with brilliant complex designs. If your child has what it takes to be a successful artist someday, or maybe she’s just curious about unique art forms, string art is an amazing project to try. 

5. Sewing Craft Kit

Kids who love practicing their creativity but are tired of using paper may try sewing projects! There are tons of sewing kits in the market selling safe tools and materials. It’s complete with pre-cut shapes and pre-punched holes – perfect for beginners! And parents and guardians, don’t worry. Plastic tools are provided to ensure their safety.  

6. Artist’s Box – Arts and Crafts Kit

Looking for a craft kit that would allow children to make their own sculptures, collages, self-portraits and other amazing works of art?! This artist’s box can nurture young people’s imagination in different ways. It comes with an assortment of materials, from embroidery threads, tissue paper, cotton twine and more! 

7. Clay Geode Wind Chime Craft Kit 

Polymer Clay is a popular art medium known for its flexibility and wide range of colors. It is used by hobbyists and artists to create various designs, from scrapbooking and sculpture to pottery and jewelry pieces. One of the best things we can do with polymer clay is a windchime! We all love the idea of creating something we can display and admire for a long time! 

8. DIY 3D Wooden Puzzle Bundle Set

Tired of using scraps of paper, cardboard, and clay for your craft projects? 3D wooden puzzles are so popular right now – you and your kids should try them! No glue or other complicated tools required, just time and the patience to solve puzzles. There are thousands of wooden sets in the market – many involve complicated architectural structures – but animal puzzles are the best options for beginners!

9. Terrarium Kit

A terrarium is like an aquarium, but for plants. It’s perfect for those who want to explore the wonders of plants, but don’t have a huge space for a garden. It’s easy to make and low maintenance! If your children are showing a strong interest in nature and gardening, they’ll surely love terrarium kits! It’s time for them to grow their own mini ecosystem. This is not only a simple craft project. It’s a whole new scientific experience that can nurture their love for the environment!

10. Paper Bowl Kit 

Crafts are all about creativity and organization. Want to make functional and decorative objects? Paper bowls are some of the most useful and easy to make projects. It’s the perfect place to keep jewelry, keys, and other small treasures. These DIY creative designs are also perfect giveaways to your loved ones! No need to buy expensive little plates and bowls. 

11. DIY Paper Kit

Paper is the number one material people use in making crafts. But do you know that creating paper is in itself, a fun creative project?! Although step-by-step instructions on making handmade paper are just one google search away, you can make your project much easier by ordering a DIY papercraft kit. It’s an excellent kit for craft beginners! 

12. Flowers Craft Kit

Many households order fresh flowers every so and so days as pretty living room decorations. Well, times are changing. More and more people are now shifting to paper flowers – beautiful decors that never wilt and die! You can make realistic flowers that look amazing in every part of your home. No green thumb required! 

13. Bracelet Box Kit

Fashionable bracelets are everywhere, and most of the time, the most beautiful, high-quality ones are also the most expensive ones. Even those on a budget can wear amazing accessories, too! Why not exercise your creative talents and make them yourself? Start your DIY accessory journey with a cheap bracelet box kit, and then share your lovely creations with your friends!

14. Pottery Art Studio

Pottery is generally defined as the process of creating containers with clay. Clay is shaped and dried, and then used as a decoration. Through pottery, you can help your child improve his or her self-esteem, and think beyond the traditional norms. Thanks to pottery studio kits, your kids can get hold of a legit pottery experience in just one click! 

15. Quilling Kit

Quilling is one of the easiest crafts out there, and perfect for children who are just exploring their passion and creativity. Thinking of creating greeting cards, bookmarks, and frames using this technique? Start with a complete kit! These kits also include a quilling tool, making intricate designs a lot easier. 

More crafts to do at home

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