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20+ Spring Crafts for Kids to do by Themselves

These spring crafts are perfect for kids ages 10-12. Most of these crafts are fun, involve minimal help from you, and can keep tweens entertained and crafting throughout the spring months!

Spring crafts - paper flowers on a blue background

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Why tweens need crafting opportunities:

We found that our tweens like crafting. If you have avid readers perhaps they’d be more interested in these great reads for tweens. Or maybe you have kids that are into STEM? These STEM activities for tweens are also great to have on hand.

After your tweens work their way through these crafts you can move onto the Summer Crafts For Tweens. That’s another than 30 awesome crafts that tweens can accomplish on their own for the most part.

Anyway, tweens need a creative outlet of some sort. It doesn’t matter if you are cooped up at home or just looking for a way to keep them busy after school. These spring crafts for tweens are a great way to keep hands and minds busy with something productive.

I also like to make sure we have crafting supplies on hand for our tweens to use so they can make gifts for friends, family members, and anyone else they might like to surprise. It’s a great budget-friendly way to let kids be creative while also making gifts!

Are these budget friendly craft projects?

You can make any craft project budget friendly if you use materials you have on hand. You can also repurpose items from your home and shop sales or the Dollar Tree. That being said, some of these are more budget friendly than others.

Look for projects from the list that suit what you have available to work with and be sure to keep an eye out for sales for the other items your kids might want to try working with!

If you’re looking for craft supplies, my favorite places to buy are Dollar Tree and Darn Good Yarn. They also sell small kits that are perfect spring crafts for older kids.

Our favorite coloring supplies

Can older or younger kids do these spring crafts?

These crafts for tweens are perfectly suited for 10-12 year olds to manage mostly on their own. Younger kids will need more help, older kids might not be as interested, etc.

You just have gauge what your particular children are interested in and capable of! All of these projects would be fun for anyone in my opinion. It’s just a matter of how much help / how involved you want to be with the crafting process!

Spring Crafts For Tweens

Let’s take a look at some of these great spring crafts for tweens. After-all, you likely have little hands that are just dying for something to do today!

Spring Crafts for Tweens

All of these spring crafts are easy enough for big kids and tweens to do on their own!