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Leprechaun Coloring Pages

Print these leprechaun coloring pages for a magical coloring experience. Real or not, leprechauns have captured the imaginations of many people from all over. They are a crucial part of Irish folklore and are often associated with Irish tradition and St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. So work on these leprechaun coloring pages and get to know …

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Spring Craft Kits for Big Kids

Spring is a lovely time to make crafts! Have fun with pastel colors, spring animals and flowers, and so much more with these 15 spring craft kits for big kids and tweens. They’re fun seasonal crafts and make great gifts, too. Spring is fast approaching. With warmer temperatures and blossoming nature, spring is undeniably one …

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20+ Spring Crafts for Kids to do by Themselves

These spring crafts are perfect for kids ages 10-12. Most of these crafts are fun, involve minimal help from you, and can keep tweens entertained and crafting throughout the spring months! Why tweens need crafting opportunities: We found that our tweens like crafting. If you have avid readers perhaps they’d be more interested in these …

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