30 Cool Winter Crafts for Tweens

red thread and white string with red start ornament on blue background

This big list of winter crafts for tweens is especially for kids ages 10-12. Most can be done alone, others with just minimal help from an adult. It’s fun to fill up a snow day or winter break with seasonal crafts. I’ve found the “tween years,” ages 10 to 12, to be really challenging. Kids this age … Read more

Tween and Big Kids 4th of July Crafts

flag and red white and blue stars with words 4th of July Crafts for Tweens

These no-fuss big kids 4th of July crafts will entertain for hours. We love these patriotic craft projects because tweens and big kids can do them alone or with only a tiny bit of adult help. They’re perfect for the summer season! Celebrating the 4th of July with tweens The 4th of July is a … Read more

Spring Craft Kits for Big Kids

spring crafts for big kids

Spring is a lovely time to make crafts! Have fun with pastel colors, spring animals and flowers, and so much more with these 15 spring craft kits for big kids and tweens. They’re fun seasonal crafts and make great gifts, too. Spring is fast approaching. With warmer temperatures and blossoming nature, spring is undeniably one … Read more

20+ Spring Crafts for Kids to do by Themselves

These spring crafts for kids are perfect for big kids ages 10-12. Whether you’re looking for flowers, bunnies, or rainbows, these crafts are fun, involve minimal help from you, and can keep tweens entertained and crafting throughout the spring months. Why tweens need crafting opportunities: We found that our tweens like crafting. If you have … Read more

Easy Fall Crafts for Tweens

These fall crafts for tweens are easy, fun, and creative. Most of these projects are perfect for 10-12 year olds to accomplish with very little help from you! We love these fall crafts for tweens because they are designed specifically for tweens to accomplish on their own. Most of them require very little help from … Read more

Fathers Day Craft Ideas for Tweens

Make a homemade gift with these easy Fathers Day craft ideas for tweens and big kids to do by themselves. These are just a few of the seasonal crafts that are fun to make in the summer months. Celebrate dad or grandpa with these special Father’s Day crafts and card ideas. Instead of buying dad … Read more

30+ Super Summer Crafts for Tweens

sand and shells on blue wooden plank floor

Share these fun summer crafts with your kids ages 10-12. Many can be done alone, others with just minimal help from you! Ages 10-12, the “tween” years, can be tricky! Kids this age want to be more independent and less childish. But they’re not quite ready for the independence that teens can handle. Summertime is … Read more

Make this Easy Fathers Day Trophy Card

yellow gold trophy card on green background

Make this Fathers Day Trophy Card with just craft paper. This easy paper project makes a special handmade card that Dad will love! Paper crafts are a fun way to celebrate holidays and seasons. Attention, paper craft lovers! Do you want to try something new just in time for father’s day? Gifts for our loved … Read more

20+ Homemade Mothers Day Cards

Homemade Mothers Day Cards

Are you looking for pretty homemade Mothers Day cards? These crafty cards are fun projects to make, and Mom and Grandma will love them! When they’re little, kids tend to make cards for Mother’s Day at school. But this list is perfect for big kids and tweens–and they can do these projects mostly by themselves. … Read more