Tween and Big Kids 4th of July Crafts

These no-fuss big kids 4th of July crafts will entertain for hours. We love these patriotic craft projects because tweens and big kids can do them alone or with only a tiny bit of adult help. They’re perfect for the summer season!

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Fun 4th of July crafts that are perfect for tweens and big kids! These no-fuss big kids 4th of July crafts will entertain for hours.

Celebrating the 4th of July with tweens

The 4th of July is a federal holiday in the U.S. honoring American independence that happened on July 4, 1776. It’s a yearly celebration and is commonly associated with patriotic festivities. Falling in the middle of summer, the 4th of July has become the focus of several family get-togethers and other leisure activities. There are parades, concerts, picnics, fireworks, pageants, baseball games, and more! 

The 4th of July is a fun holiday for kids of all ages, but most especially tweens since it’s the perfect time for them to socialize and enjoy different types of food. But what to do after eating all of the apple pies, hamburgers, cakes, and hot dogs? Enjoy these tween and big kids patriotic crafts!

Fun 4th of July crafts that are perfect for tweens and big kids! These no-fuss big kids 4th of July crafts will entertain for hours.

Fun facts about 4th of July

Most people see the 4th of July as the perfect holiday to go on vacation, show off their amazing cooking skills, and share jaw-dropping fireworks on social media. But this event is not only about national pride and parties.

Here are fun 4th of July facts that will surely surprise you!

  1. Three U.S. presidents who signed the Declaration of Independence died on July 4. Thomas Jefferson and John Adams both died on July 4, 1826, the 50th anniversary of the United States’ independence. James Monroe died five years later on July 4, 1831.
  2. Calvin Coolidge was the only president born on Independence Day. 
  3. The tradition of using fireworks to celebrate Independence Day dates back to 1777. 
  4. Massachusetts was the first US state to make the 4th of July a holiday. 
  5. Americans eat around 150 million hot dogs on the 4th of July!
  6. The first 4th of July celebration took place at the White House in 1801, hosted by Thomas Jefferson. 
  7. In 1850, President Zachary Taylor died after eating spoiled fruit at a 4th of July celebration.
  8. One World Trade Center in New York is 1,776 feet tall to mark the year the United States declared its independence from Great Britain.
  9. Small towns usually spend between $8,000 and $15,000 on independence day fireworks each year. 
  10.  Celebrating the 4th of July wasn’t a federal holiday until 1870, almost 100 years after the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

4th of July Activities for Tweens

While the 4th of July is generally celebrated across the United States, every family has its own traditions. When children are involved, though, family members may need to include some fun twists on every activity to make the experience more fun and engaging.

These craft projects are perfect for big kids and tweens who want to “do it themselves.” They also make fun big kid activities for your family gathering or 4th of July party!

If your kids prefer paper puzzles to arts & crafts projects, take a look at our printable 4th of July activities pack.

Kids 4th of July Crafts

Tweens and big kids will LOVE these 4th of July crafts that can be done alone (or with just a tiny bit of adult help).

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