Printable 4th of July Activity Sheets

Make your 4th of July more fun with these puzzle pages! Choose from four different printable 4th of July puzzles and coloring sheets. There’s even a printable 4th of July word search that is great for all ages.

Something as simple as sitting in your front yard while coloring or solving puzzles is a great way to spend the 4th of July or the rest of the summer season. There really is no need to spend thousands of dollars yearly for dream vacations and expensive items. There are also plenty of tween and big kid 4th of July craft projects to do.

Puzzles and coloring pages may be cheap, but these activities can definitely fight boredom. Since the 4th of July is a very hot holiday, you may want to do some coloring and paper crafts while eating homemade frozen desserts. What a way to spend the holiday and the summer season!

printable 4th of july puzzles in red white and blue on wooden table

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How to use this printable activity pack

Having family or friends over for the holiday weekend? Print a few of the printable 4th of July puzzles to do as an activity together. They’re perfect for kids to do together while they’re waiting for your local parade to start!

These printable activities are also great for summer camp, scouts, and other groups of kids. When you download the 4th of July Activity Pack, you can decide which pages to print. You have permission to make copies as long as you’re using them personally (not selling them).

Learn a little about Independence Day:

While the 4th of July is not as big as Thanksgiving or Christmas, it’s still a day reserved for awesome activities. Since this fun holiday falls in the middle of summer, it is traditionally associated with family reunions, beach outings, parties, fireworks, and other festivities. There is really something magical about having a picnic, eating hamburgers, hot dogs, and potato salad with all the delicious summer fruits around. 

But keep in mind that even if you don’t enjoy big get-togethers (or you’re far from your family and friends for now), you can still celebrate by doing simple activities at home. 

What’s in this printable 4th of July Activity Pack?

This fun kids’ activity pack has something for everyone! Inside you’ll find:

  • reusable tic tac toe boards with playing pieces
  • printable 4th of July word search
  • 4th of July missing letter puzzle
  • 4th of July coloring page

How to print these 4th of July pages

When you click to download the file, you’ll receive a PDF of the 4th of July Activity Pack. Open the file, and you’ll see the colorful cover page and four printable pages.

Choose whichever page(s) you’d like to print, and be sure and click the setting “Fit to Printable Area” before printing. You can print in black & white or in color, as you prefer. We recommend using regular white printer paper.

More 4th of July activities

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red white and blue cover page for 4th of july printable puzzles and coloring sheet

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