Free Printable Summer Pictionary Game

Summer is the perfect time to relish the outdoors and spend quality time with loved ones while enjoying the warm, sunny weather! But, what if you have tweens who just want to chill at home and play creative games?! Here’s something they can try (and of course, you can join, too!) – a summer Pictionary game. This little game can keep them entertained for many hours, and help them improve their creative and mental skills during the summer season.

list of summer words on Summer Pictionary Game printable

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What is Pictionary and why is it so fun to play?

Pictionary is an exciting game that can help older kids develop a wide range of skills. Some even consider it a mind sport! In this game, a person is selected from each team to draw a word for their teammates to guess. The team that gets the most correct guesses wins. 

It’s so easy to play but involves a lot of brainwork! Remember that our minds function with a combination of nonverbal and verbal thoughts. The player should be able to see the word as an image. The hand needs to move the pencil over the paper to draw the picture from the player’s mind as if communicating a thought through the power of drawing. 

Then, the other players try to turn that drawing into a phrase or word. Changing that word into a photo requires visualization, organization of thoughts, and manipulation of mental images. 

Drawing, on the other hand, requires hand-eye coordination and visual communication. Overall, this game promotes collaboration, trust, and creative thinking. It’s not like an ordinary board game!

One of the best things about Pictionary is that there is no limit to the words and themes you can play. So this Summer version is perfect for the season. Your tweens will surely love this summer Pictionary game! 

Girl drawing on pad of paper with red pen

How to play Summer Pictionary

Pictionary is usually played with four people in two teams, but it’s possible to do with fewer or more players. It’s a great reason to invite family and friends over for a game.

You will also need a whiteboard, sketchpad, or just paper to draw on. No need to buy anything! Re-use paper from your recycling bin. If you have a larger team, you may prefer something vertical like a whiteboard or easel so everyone can see the drawing each round.

Another thing you’ll need is a sand timer, stopwatch or a phone that you can use as a timer. Now, it’s time to play! 

Decide which team goes first by flipping a coin, playing rock-paper-scissors, or any other random, quick way to decide who goes first. The team that goes first will decide on a player to draw for that specific round. When the player is ready, set the timer to 30 seconds.

The player chooses a summer-related word from the bucket of choices and then draws it on the paper or whiteboard for his/her teammate(s) to guess. His or her teammates should work together and guess what the sketcher is drawing.

The person who is drawing should not draw images with numbers or letters or make any hand gestures or sounds. 

Each time the team guesses the correct word, the sketcher can choose another word and keep going.

Score one point for every correct guess within 30 seconds. 

Rotate the teams until the scoring goal is met. You can decide on a score up to which everyone can play. Let’s say, the first team to reach 10 points will be the winner.

chalk drawn yellow sun on brown fence - summer themed pictionary game

Can you play Pictionary outdoors?

You sure can! Just use sidewalk chalk, and draw on the ground for each turn. Or, draw on your wooden backyard fence–which you can then wash off with water from your garden hose (or wait for it to rain!).

This works for summer campers, scouts and family reunions, too. Just break into smaller groups and give each group their own set of Pictionary words to play. You can make copies as you need to, as long as it’s for your personal use.

Print this tween summer Pictionary game

When you click to download the Summer Pictionary Printable below, a PDF file will save to your computer. When you go to print, be sure and click “Fit to Printable Area” so none of the words are cut off. If you plan to reuse the game another time, you may want to print on white cardstock because it is more durable than regular printer paper.

After you print, cut on the lines to separate the 39 words. Fold each in half to keep them a secret, then add to a bowl or bucket for players to choose from.

This summer, playing outdoors is not the only way to socialize and have fun. This free printable summer Pictionary game will help your tweens enjoy their free time in a more creative way! 

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