Free Printable Summer Building Challenge

Use this summer building challenge printable with recyclables and art supplies or for building with Lego ideas. It’s another seasonal craft for big kids and tweens.

For many kids, summer means unlimited hours of outdoor playtime, swimming, barbecues, and vacations. Who wouldn’t love to take advantage of the warm weather and fresh air, and walk around nature without gloves, hats, and boots? 

Some children don’t like spending a lot of time under the heat of the sun. They would rather spend most of their summer days at home doing fun indoor activities with their loved ones while enjoying delicious snacks. If your kids are tired playing with the usual jigsaw puzzles and video games, let them try these unique summer building challenge projects.

Indoor fun printable building challenge

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Why are building activities good for children?

One of the most innovative ways to teach our kids something is through play, and summer is just the perfect time for that. No grades and homework to think about. They can take their time in exploring and engaging with new activities.

Building challenges are proven to make a big difference to the way kids think, collaborate, and commit to tasks. For instance, building structures using Lego pieces can help them think out of the box. It can even nourish engineering skills and encourage kids to learn more about STEM careers.

These beneficial activities are not just limited to Lego. Our children can enjoy all of these building tasks without buying anything. Even by using simple materials like construction paper, plastic cups, popsicle sticks, newspapers, and paper clips, kids can get creative and can build something amazing!

Wood building toy shaped into a log cabin

Time to start those summer building projects!

Through building challenges, kids can be as adventurous as they want, and test out new, distinct designs. What’s amazing is that it’s possible to expose children to various creative projects even without spending on Lego sets and other expensive materials. 

Lego is one of the best educational tools out there, but owning a Lego set at home is definitely not a requirement! 

Create atent using just popsicle sticks, glue, and colored paper? A kite using just newspaper, pencil, and yarn? A sailboat using a loastic water bottle, cardboard, and sticks? Get creative with what you have on hand to make it possible! Building in itself is a form of storytelling, so every material, no matter how cheap, opens up a new world of possibilities. 

Now, what to build?! This summer building challenge printable offers a good start for your children (and also for you if you want to join!). If you think building tents, playgrounds and beach setups inside your home using simple materials is impossible, wait and see. Prepare yourself for some creative, summer magic! 

Crab built from plastic bricks - summer building challenge

Where you can use this summer building challenge

This free printable is for your personal use, but you can make copies if you need them for:

  • rainy day indoor fun
  • summer camp kids
  • scouts and other community groups
  • church groups

How to print the summer building challenge

When you click to download the Summer Building Challenge file, a PDF file will save to your computer. When you go to print, be sure and click “Fit to Printable Area” so none of it is cut off.

Then, you can choose one item to build every day, in whatever order you’d like. Can you build all 30 of the summer-themed items this month?

summer building challenge printable on aqua background

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