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15 Dazzling Diamond Painting Kits for Kids

Learn about diamond painting kits and see why they’re perfect crafts for big kids and tweens.

Want to explore a new way of creating shining, shimmering pieces of art? Diamond painting is one dazzling hobby anyone can try.

This colorful, trendy craft is inspired by cross-stitch and painting by numbers, which older kids and tweens typically aren’t into. With the pandemic, diamond painting gained tremendous popularity!

diamond painting beads in pink and purple - diamond painting kits for kids

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What is diamond painting?

Diamond painting is like cross-stitch and paint by numbers, only with more sparkle and glimmer. Each kit comes with an applicator and hundreds of shimmering resin rhinestones, aka diamonds.

These stones are then affixed one by one in a color-coded canvas design. Even as a beginner, you wouldn’t have difficulty completing your work of art. There are symbols throughout the canvas, telling crafters the designated color for that small square.

white persons hand holding dabber for diamond painting project with yellow beads

5 Benefits of Diamond Painting Kits for Kids 

A Brilliant Mental Exercise

Diamond painting may be an elaborate activity, but it’s still a fun mental exercise for our kids. It improves their focus and memory, something that can benefit them as they get older. Consider it as a simple exercise with a unique, vibrant twist. The process of putting small resin diamonds in their respective places on the canvas keeps their young minds active and healthy. 

Stimulates Creativity

Not all DIY art projects are made equal. If your children are not in the mood to cut paper or paint, get them a diamond painting kit. The instructions are so easy to understand and yet stimulates creativity like no other. It’s a wonderful pastime that stimulates our brain’s right hemisphere, the creative half of our brain. Diamond painting is for everyone, even for those who don’t really consider themselves as artists (yet!). 

Enhances Motor Skills

Motor skills pertain to how our bodies manage muscle movement and synchronization. Many kids struggle with developing their motor skills, and are having a difficult time moving objects with their tiny hands. Working on diamond paintings is just one of the many solutions that can alleviate this problem. It also helps young kids improve their finger muscles and hand-to-eye coordination. 

Helps Lessen Screen Time

Let’s give the little ones a break from technology. Working on diamond paintings can help your children get involved in more exciting things. They can complete paintings together with their friends or family members. It’s one of the most entertaining ways to spend quality time together! 

Helps Kids Improve Their Confidence

Even for adults, creating something beautiful is a huge accomplishment that can boost confidence. Put up their masterpiece on display in their bedroom or in the living room for everyone to see. Finishing even the simplest diamond paintings can make our kids feel proud of themselves. It’s a wonderful accomplishment that will encourage them to create more! 

Bags of diamond painting squares for projects

More Kits for Big Kids

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15 Diamond Painting Kits for Kids

Here are some of the best diamond painting kits that you can get for your kids.

Close up of diamond painting beads on canvas