Coolest Craft Kits for Tweens

What are the coolest craft kits? Ages 10-12 can be hard to please, so we found lots of cool craft kits for tweens and big kids.

In this age beaming with video games and social media, it can be tough to get kids offline. That’s where these cool craft kits come in! Get your kids using their hands (and brains) again while being creative.

Crafting doesn’t have to be complicated and expensive. If you’re looking for ready-to-use craft kits for older kids, you have come to the right place. We’ve rounded up the coolest craft kits aimed at big kids and tweens.

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Why Crafting is a Great Activity for Tweens

First things first, let’s discuss why crafting is an amazing activity for kids at this age. Although it may seem time-consuming and messy, it’s more than just a hobby and a screenless form of entertainment. 

Crafting encourages self expression

Aside from expressing themselves through words, tweens (ages 10-12) can express their thoughts and emotions through arts and crafts. Even with the cheapest materials, they can create art pieces that best represent themselves. They can even feature their favorite colors and animals.

Crafting helps them detach from technology

Adults are not the only ones who use gadgets for hours. Embracing the digital way of life is fine, but it pays to detach from technology and engage in screenless activities once in a while. Crafting can keep tweens busy for long days!

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Crafting provides tweens a sense of accomplishment

Hours of crafting work result in pretty ornaments displayed at home or carried around every day. Even when they are not doing something creative, they can see the product of their hard work. A reminder that they are highly capable of achieving something extraordinary!

Crafting is a great social activity

Children can work on crafts alone or with friends and family members. It’s an incredible activity that opens doors for more ideas and quality time. Also, the best conversations arise when parents and kids see crafting as a social activity. They can regularly share ideas, trigger curiosity and engage in conversations that nurture creative learning. 

Crafting improves creativity and productivity

Crafting cultivates our children’s imagination and encourages them to be more productive. The more creative they get, the more productive they will be. Remember, they are already figuring things out at this stage, searching for hobbies and interests that they can commit to even as an adult. Who knows?! A simple crafting activity may soon become a fulfilling hobby and small business! 

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More Kits for Tweens and Big Kids

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Coolest Craft Kits for Tweens

You'll children will surely love these craft kits!

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