The Best Window Art Kits for Kids

Want to encourage creativity in your older kids? By working on window art kits, they can nurture their creative side, do something fun during their free time and display the products of their hard work on their bedroom windows!

Suncatchers, clings and other window crafts are so easy to do. Big kids and tweens will enjoy these stained glass kits for kids because they can work on them alone or with just a little help from you.

Window art kits - stained glass window with diamond pattern and many colors

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Some kids get nervous about the “permanence” of decorating glass. A good way to practice beforehand is with our coloring pages.

We’ve picked out some of the best window art for kids, with a focus on older kids and tweens. These are more complicated designs than kits for preschoolers and little kids.

One of the benefits of buying a kit means you have all of the supplies right away. If you prefer to DIY, you can make window clings using Mod Podge.

Butterfly painted on glass with paint bottles and brushes on table. Stained glass art for kids.

Do these kits use real glass?

Because these kits are meant for kids and beginner crafters, none of them have real glass, the tools used with stained glass art, or are dangerous. These window crafts use plastic, stickers, markers, and other simple craft supplies. A few include paint, but all are meant to not make a mess and for older kids to be able to do alone.

If you’d like to try actual stained glass with your child, we recommend you search for a beginner class in your area. There are some expensive tools and difficult skills needed, so it’s best to try it out before you invest in the hobby.

More kits for big kids and tweens

If your kids enjoy these window art kits, take a look at our other suggested crafts for older kids:

stained glass window - window art for kids

Beautiful Window Art Kits for Kids

Window art kits have everything your kid needs to make a beautiful project. These make fantastic gifts for crafty big kids and tweens!

glass painting for kids - window art kits make great gifts

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