Make this Easy Fathers Day Trophy Card

Make this Fathers Day Trophy Card with just craft paper. This easy paper project makes a special handmade card that Dad will love! Paper crafts are a fun way to celebrate holidays and seasons.

Attention, paper craft lovers! Do you want to try something new just in time for father’s day? Gifts for our loved ones, especially our dads, don’t have to be expensive. To make things special, all it takes is just a bit of creativity, patience and love.

Is there any other amazing material to work with other than paper? It’s the ultimate DIY tool that can help you get through the most special life occasions. Let me introduce you to this father’s day trophy card craft! You’ll surely have tons of fun decorating it so try it now! 

How to make a trophy card - pin with picture of yellow cardstock paper trophy on a brown background

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Celebrate Father’s Day the Most Special, Creative Way! 

Father’s Day is a special day honoring fathers, fatherhood, and the influence of dads in our society. It was first celebrated in Washington on June 19, 1910, but it wasn’t until 1972 that President Woodrow Wilson turned it into an official national holiday in the U.S., alongside Mother’s Day. Although it is celebrated on a wide range of dates all over the world, many countries, including the U.S., observe this special day on the third Sunday of June.

It was said that this tradition wasn’t completely accepted by the public at first. However, over time, most people acknowledged the amazing role of fathers in their families and their kids’ lives. Let’s give our dads something unique and unforgettable on this special day!

Paper Crafts are the Best Handmade Gifts

We all know how special and cherished handmade gifts are. Your hard work demonstrates your love for the person you made it for. What can be a better present than that? Your dad will surely adore it! Don’t waste any more time and start this awesome creative project.

List of Supplies Needed

Two or more colors of craft paper
Craft glue
Sharpie marker
Template with trophy shape (or you can free-hand it)

Yellow cardstock on white background - step 1 of fathers day trophy card

How to make a Trophy Card for Dad

Step 1:

Fold a paper into half and draw the trophy (single pattern) aligned with the closed end. Trace the trophy pattern on the half folded paper by keeping one side of the trophy aligned with the closed side of the folded paper.

Yellow cardstock on white background - step 2

Step 2:

Cut out the traced trophy pattern. Also trace and cut out the borders and handles for the trophy card.

Cut out shapes of yellow and gold cardstock on white background - step 3

Step 3:

Attach the border cutouts along the top and the bottom sides of the trophy card pattern with glue.

Step 4: 

Attach the handle cutouts on both sides of the trophy card pattern. Trace and cut out the text base and star patterns from colored paper of your choice.

Finished yellow and gold trophy card for fathers day

Step 5:

Attach the star cutout on the cup part of the trophy card and the text base on the bottom part of the trophy card. Write down your text to complete the craft. Once the glue has dried, write a special message inside the card.

Give Your Dad a Award!

Wondering what exactly you should put on the trophy?! Your dad is unique in his own way, so your message should come from your heart. But, here are some wonderful phrases that can get you started:

  • Best Dad Ever
  • Most Understanding Father-In-Law
  • Super Dad Award
  • Coolest Grandpa in the World
  • Most Athletic Dad
  • #1 Dad
  • My Hero, My Friend, My Papa
  • Father of a Lifetime Award
  • Most Loving Dad Ever
  • Most Dedicated Hero Doctor and Best Dad Ever
  • The Greatest Catch: Best Fisherman and Father Ever

Remember that awards like these are not only reserved for birth fathers. You can give one to your grandpa, uncle, stepdad, or any other father figure you have in your life. It doesn’t matter if you are not so artistic and if it’s your first time exploring crafts like this one. It’s the thought that counts after all, and it’s the message that makes it even more special! 

Every Handmade Gift is a Treasure!

With Father’s Day coming up quickly, it can be difficult to choose the best gift for your dad just in time for the celebration. Some fathers seem to have it all! What else is there to buy? Well, you don’t really need to spend a lot of money just to let your dad know that he is appreciated, loved, and treasured. 

It’s best to give him a more thoughtful gift – something you made yourself, with so much love and all the creativity you can muster!

Gold paper trophy card that says Best Dad Ever

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