Free Printable Dinosaur Coloring Pages

Have you ever dreamed of seeing a dinosaur in real life? Dinosaurs are magnificent, powerful creatures that walked the Earth millions of years ago. It would be incredible to come across one face to face! Since that’s not possible, how about working on dinosaur coloring pages?

Coloring dinosaurs can be a lot of fun! And you can even practice your multiplication with these color by number dinosaur sheets.

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Black and white dinosaur coloring pages on brown background

Coloring inspires children to develop more of their creativity and motor skills. It’s a brilliant project for kids, but you can try it, too! Today, coloring is no longer just for youngsters. It’s also beneficial for older kids and adults. When your thoughts are focused on a simple activity, your brain tends to relax, taking your attention off of any worries. 

Coloring activities are not technical and predictable. If you want, you can make it messy or neat – it’s your choice! It’s a therapeutic escape from the cruel realities – not a demanding test of your artistry. These dinosaur coloring pages don’t have intricate designs. They are a lot simpler, so you can easily add your own flourishes and styles.


This set of 5 has different styles. Print one dinosaur coloring page or print them all! The backgrounds are blank for easier printing. Feel free to add your own desert and badland designs.

Fake dinosaur statue in field outdoors


Humans have only been on Earth for about 2.5 million years. Dinosaurs, meanwhile, lived on this planet for around 160 million years before a massive meteorite hit the Earth. That meteorite crash changed the climate conditions, driving the prehistoric reptiles to extinction. The only ones who survived are lizards, turtles, birds, insects, snakes, sharks, crocodiles, and other small animals. 

The biggest fossil discovered so far was a 98-million-year-old unnamed titanosaur that was fully excavated in Argentina in early 2021. Titanosaurs are the most diverse lineage of sauropod dinosaurs. This specific fossil is roughly 50 feet tall, weighing approximately 69 tons! As hardworking paleontologists continue to search for fossils, we can expect much bigger ones very soon. 

So far, more than 700 different species have been found and named. They lived in the three geologic time frames of the Mesozoic era: the Triassic period, the Jurassic period, and the Cretaceous period. Of all the dinosaurs found, perhaps the most popular of all is the Tyrannosaurus Rex. With its sharp teeth, monstrous body, and powerful jaws, it can easily crush a car and uproot decades-old trees.

Small dinosaur in lush - printable dinosaur coloring pages

Alongside the T-Rex and other carnivores, most of the dinosaurs (around 60% of them) were herbivores. They likely ate a combination of seeds, twigs, and leaves. On the other hand, meat-eaters devoured fellow dinosaurs, insects, lizards, and small mammals. In some instances, dinosaurs swallowed stones to help themselves grind up food. 

Do you know that some of the birds we see today have evolved from these prehistoric giants? Just recently, it was discovered that some dinosaurs had feathers. They may have descended from winged reptiles like the Pteranodon. These flyers look gentle in photos but in truth, millions of years ago, they are mighty carnivores that catch prey from above. 

Dinosaurs are real monsters that actually existed. We can study them, admire them and make them the subject of our creative outputs. Why not, right? It’s time to turn your love for dinosaurs into a hobby! With these dinosaur coloring pages, you can relax, destress, improve your artistry and adore the beauty of these animals.

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When you download the Dinosaur Coloring Pages file, it will save to your computer as a PDF. Then, you can print as many as you would like.

Use regular white printer paper when you print these coloring pages. You can print one of each of the 5 choices, or print several of your favorite page!

All 5 of these dinosaur pictures have black lines, nothing in color. But you still want to be sure and print in black & white so you don’t use up your color ink.

Black and white pictures of dinosaurs to color on brown background


Print more coloring sheets for kids so the fun doesn’t have to stop:

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