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20 Easy Crafts for Mother’s Day

Are you looking for fun and simple crafts for Mother’s Day?

Almost every mom has a collection of handmade crafts from their kids over the years. They’re fun to make and a superb way to chronicle our children’s growth and creativity over the years.

crafts for mother's day - paper square with I (heart) mom

If you’re looking for other homemade and heartfelt Mother’s Day gift ideas, you can also consider:

  • homemade bath bombs
  • pampering products, like a foot soak
  • sweet treats
  • bookmarks
  • a memory box
  • a photo cube
  • a hand-painted coffee or tea mug
  • a photo album or collage
  • a painted canvas wall art
  • a print of her favorite quote
  • a personalized flower pot with seeds (or her favorite plant)

20 Crafts for Mother’s Day 

Crafts for Mother's Day