Free Printable Llama Coloring Pages

Llamas are a such funny animals! Print these free llama coloring pages to use as room decorations, cards for friends, or just for fun. Some have cute llama quotes!

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3 free printable llama coloring pages on pink and aqua background

These cute llama printable pages are for all ages to color! Coloring is a fun way to relax, and you can enjoy it by yourself or with a friend.

Adult coloring books often have intricate designs, so you will find these designs simpler. Then you can add your own flourishes yourself!

Free printable llama coloring pages

This set has 3 different styles. Print one llama coloring page or print them all! The backgrounds are blank for easier printing, so add your own patterns or environment.

cute llama coloring printable page on aqua background

Llamas are so popular!

Llamas are probably the trendiest animals today. All of a sudden, llamas are everyone’s dream pet! We are no longer just liking their photos on Instagram and Facebook, we are already buying llama pillows, llama stuffed toys, llama pajamas, and other cute llama-inspired items. 

Llamas may be less magical than unicorns, but they are intelligent, calm, and charismatic barn animals. People who take care of them said that they are excellent stress busters because they are so friendly. Their loving and gentle nature means that they make great therapy animals for those with special needs. Getting a llama means gaining a new best friend!

The bad news is that llama parenthood is not for everyone. Given their huge size and elaborate care requirements, a llama must only be cared for by someone who has access to a fenced outdoor space. 

Don’t have enough room in your home? Llama-themed activities with the family will do for now. It’s time to bring out those coloring materials and hunt for activity sheets your kids will love. Start with these coloring pages!

Side view of llama in grassy field

The Best Coloring Supplies

sharpened colored pencils in stack on white background

How to print llama coloring sheets

When you click on the link to download the pages, it will open on your computer as a PDF.

Use regular white printer paper when you print each llama coloring page. You can print one of each of the 3 choices, or print several of your favorite page.

black and white llama coloring pages on aqua background

More llama printables

More coloring pages for kids

Print more free coloring pages so the fun doesn’t stop! There are so many to choose from:

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