Free Printable Giraffe Coloring Pages

As one of the tallest animals in the world, giraffes surely stand out from the rest. They are the gentle giants of the savannah stealing people’s hearts all over the world. We love seeing them in wildlife sanctuaries and on television. For all the giraffe lovers out there, here’s a little surprise. Aside from buying giraffe stuffed animals and other giraffe-themed items, you can work on giraffe coloring pages! 

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black and white giraffe coloring pages on aqua background

Do you know that art can be super beneficial to both children and adults? It can help children nurture their creative and motor skills. For adults, on the other hand, it can serve as an entertaining hobby that can improve quality of life. Coloring books are now getting more and more popular even for grownups.

Work on these peacock printable pages to relax and channel your inner artist. The best thing about them is that they have simple yet beautiful designs. Giraffes come in all shades of brown and cream, but if you want, you can explore different color combinations. You can incorporate your own personal touch on every page. 


This set of 5 has different styles. Print one giraffe coloring page or print them all! The backgrounds are blank for easier printing, so add your own grassland and woodland habitat designs. 


The superstars of African wildlife, giraffes are graceful, towering creatures. They are a symbol of self-love, self-acceptance, and individuality. When you dream of a giraffe, consider that as a good omen. Luck and good fortune is coming your way. 

The giraffe is the world’s tallest terrestrial animal. They live in the open woodlands and grasslands of Africa, roaming around in groups and munching on leaves of tall trees, specifically acacia trees. Their huge height and long tongues allow them to reach higher than what other animals can reach.

They may be tall creatures with long, powerful legs, but they are not without predators. While giraffe calves are usually hunted by leopards and hyenas, lions are their number one predator. Lions love chasing them and luring them into slippery grounds where they may lose their balance and be easier to catch. But, the big cats are not always the winner! A single kick from an adult giraffe can kill a lion!

Giraffe in profile - giraffe pictures to color

Giraffes often fall prey to many predators. That is why their behavior has evolved throughout the years out of necessity. In the wild, they rarely lie down, since it puts them in a vulnerable position to predation. They can get energized and survive with just an hour of sleep each day while standing. That’s the shortest sleep requirement for any mammal! Drinking water is also a struggle for them because of their height, so they get most of their water from the fresh leaves they eat. 

Watching giraffes always makes people smile! There is some bad news, though. Giraffes are in serious trouble. According to recent reports, the animal lost 40% of its population in just 30 years. Poaching and wildlife trafficking are contributing to this decline. There are approximately 68,000 left in the wild. Let’s help protect them by spreading the word about their situation. 

With these giraffe coloring pages, we can demonstrate our love for giraffes. We can share how beautiful they are and that the world needs them. Together with your younger siblings, children, or other kids, you can explore different color combinations for pretty giraffes. 

Rainbow crayons nestled together in a row - printable giraffe pages to color



When you download the Giraffe Coloring file, it will save to your computer as a PDF. Then, you can print as many as you would like.

Use regular white printer paper when you print these coloring pages. You can print one of each of the 5 choices, or print several of your favorite pages!

All 5 of these cute giraffe pictures have black lines, nothing in color. But you still want to be sure and print in black & white ink so you don’t use up your color ink.

black and white giraffe pictures to color on aqua background


The fun doesn’t have to stop! Download and print more cute coloring pages for kids:

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