Kids Summer Bucket List Ideas and Printable

Summer is here, and kids are already talking about how “bored” they are. Why not brainstorm some ideas and write a Summer Bucket List to accomplish before school starts again? Choose some new or unusual activities to do during the summer season.

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Kids summer bucket list ideas

What is a summer bucket list?

Usually, a “bucket list” is a collection of goals and dreams that one wants to accomplish in their lifetime. So a summer bucket list is a short list that can be done during summer break! A lot of people like to write down their goals and keep track of them.

If you want to make sure you have a super fun summer, brainstorm all the things you’d like to do over summer break. Then, print the blank Summer Bucket List printable at the bottom of this post. You can add your activities to the list, then check them off each time you complete one!

Kids summer bucket list ideas

Make this summer your best one yet! Give some of these new-to-you ideas a try:

Visit somewhere awesome!

Summer is the perfect time for camping trips. This guide about birdwatching while camping and will get you excited to look for birds next time you head out into the woods. Don’t forget to make your own bug spray before you head out to camp. This stuff smells great and will keep the bugs away.

National Parks are another great place to visit in the summer. Not only because the yearly passes are affordable (or even free!), but because no matter where you are in the country, you can drive and find a National Park to visit.

Lots of families enjoy visiting theme parks in the summer. Is there one you’ve always wanted to visit? Add it to your summer bucket list!

woodpecker in tree

Eat something awesome!

Summer is a fun time to try some new recipes and expand your palate.

Heading to a BBQ, potluck or party? Make this watermelon pizza to share! Or bring this 5-ingredient red potato salad for everyone to enjoy. Not only is it easy to make, but it also tastes great.

Summer fruit is plentiful and so tasty! Use your blender to make your own homemade frozen strawberry lemonade. Or make a fresh fruit salad with yogurt dip.

Add some new foods to cook and eat to your summer bucket list to challenge yourself to try them out.

painted rocks with boats and sea scenes

Make something awesome!

Looking for a quiet day inside, because it’s raining or maybe it’s just too hot? Try hands-on activities like making playdough without flour or working on a word search puzzle. There’s also all kinds of coloring pages you can print!

Make beautiful flower painted rocks that will be sure to brighten up any day. All it takes is some paint, water, and smooth rocks. You can use different colors depending on the look or theme of the rock or just one color if simplicity is what you’re after. Then, walk around your neighborhood and leave them for others to find and enjoy!

Glow in the dark bowling is a fun way to spend time with your family. All you need is glow sticks and water bottles, and you’re ready for some good clean fun! This game can be played indoors or outdoors, so get creative with where you play.

Add a craft or creative project to your kids summer bucket list, especially if that’s not something you usually do. You can stretch yourself!

More summer fun ideas

Printable summer bucket list

Just click the big button below, and the Summer Bucket List Printable will download to your computer. Then, print it on your home printer. You can print in black & white or color, it’s up to you! You may need to click “Fit to Printable Area” to not lose the bottom of the page.

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