Free Printable Fall Coloring Pages

Free printable fall coloring pages with leaves, hedgehogs, apples and more! Color these fall printable pages to decorate for the fall season and Thanksgiving. Fall is the perfect season for all things artsy and picturesque. The vibrant mix of colors in nature and the cool weather bring about a wonderful, inspiring feeling that we don’t … Read more

Free Printable Summer Building Challenge

wood building toy shaped into log cabin

Use this summer building challenge printable with recyclables and art supplies or for building with Lego ideas. It’s another seasonal craft for big kids and tweens. For many kids, summer means unlimited hours of outdoor playtime, swimming, barbecues, and vacations. Who wouldn’t love to take advantage of the warm weather and fresh air, and walk … Read more

Free Printable Summer Pictionary Game

girl drawing on paper with red pen

Summer is the perfect time to relish the outdoors and spend quality time with loved ones while enjoying the warm, sunny weather! But, what if you have tweens who just want to chill at home and play creative games?! Here’s something they can try (and of course, you can join, too!) – a summer Pictionary … Read more

Printable 4th of July Activity Sheets

Make your 4th of July more fun with these puzzle pages! Choose from four different printable 4th of July puzzles and coloring sheets. There’s even a printable 4th of July word search that is great for all ages. Something as simple as sitting in your front yard while coloring or solving puzzles is a great … Read more

Free Printable Rainbow Coloring Pages

Add color to your day with these rainbow coloring pages! Print them for free, and add your own patterns to make pretty rainbow decorations. These rainbow printable pages are great for all ages to color! Coloring is a fun way to relax. It’s fun to listen to music while you’re coloring, too! Adult coloring books … Read more

Free Printable Christmas Coloring Pages

free printable Christmas coloring sheets

If you’re looking for a unique, Christmas-y activity during the holiday season, you’ll love these free printable Christmas coloring pages. You can be with Santa and his adorable helpers throughout the year! Christmas is a holiday like no other. We love Halloween, Thanksgiving, and other special days of the year, but Christmas is really something … Read more

Free Printable Day of the Dead Coloring Pages

Day of the Dead Coloring Pages

Print your own Day of the Dead coloring pages to decorate however you’d like! Learn more about the holiday and celebrate Dia de los Muertos with free printable coloring sheets. The Day of the Dead is a Mexican holiday believed by many to be Halloween’s Mexican counterpart. Well, not really. Although they fall around the … Read more

Free Printable Halloween Coloring Pages

printable Halloween coloring sheets

Scare up some spooky fun with these cute Halloween coloring pages to print. You’ll love the cute owl, witch, cat and more Halloween coloring sheets. Halloween is all about cool costumes, fun decorations, and tons of candies. When else do you get to dress up as something funny without looking weird? Spooky fun is, indeed, … Read more

Free Printable Kitten Coloring Pages

kitten pictures to color

Are you ready for a new furry family member?! If you have a lot of time and willing to care for a playful baby, consider adopting a kitten. Just like us, cats have a wide range of personalities, and somewhere out there, your perfect match awaits. It’s time for you to be a parent to … Read more