Yarn Crafts for Tweens

yarn craft kits for tweens

Work on yarn crafts with your tweens to unleash your creativity. There are several yarn crafting kits in the market, with an endless array of textures and colors. When it comes to arts and crafts, you don’t need to be an expert to get started. Crochet and knit your heart out with these yarn activities! … Read more

Horse Crafts for Tweens

These horse craft kits are for big kids aged 9-12 who love creativity and the world of horses. Our list of horse crafts for tweens is a great way to gift something special to your horse fan. Horses are majestic, elegant creatures that capture the hearts of people everywhere. There’s something magical about how their … Read more

30 Cool Winter Crafts for Tweens

red thread and white string with red start ornament on blue background

This big list of winter crafts for tweens is especially for kids ages 10-12. Most can be done alone, others with just minimal help from an adult. It’s fun to fill up a snow day or winter break with seasonal crafts. I’ve found the “tween years,” ages 10 to 12, to be really challenging. Kids this age … Read more

Free Printable Turkey Coloring Pages

Black and white turkey pictures to color

We often see turkeys on our dinner tables during Thanksgiving, but they are actually fun, awesome animals that deserve to be our friends. Their personalities are as unique and varied as ours. Learn to love and appreciate turkeys way beyond the dining table. I suggest printing and coloring these turkey coloring pages! This post contains … Read more

15 Fantastic Sewing Kits for Kids

Needle and thread with yellow background - kids sewing kits

Here are some of the best sewing kits for kids that offer an excellent intro to the art of sewing, complete with all the necessary tools that will assist them in sewing basic projects.  Are you looking for a new, one-of-a-kind hobby for your kids? Well, this may be the perfect time to teach them … Read more

15 Llama Crafts for Tweens

Llama fans will love these llama crafts for tweens. These craft kits have everything you need to make llama arts and crafts at home, plus they make nice gifts. Llamas are among the cutest animals that exist. They are well-loved by many due to their unique looks, fluffy coats, and playful, quirky personalities. These creatures … Read more

Rainy Day Word Search 

Need something fun to brighten up a gloomy day? Try our free printable rainy day word search puzzle! Rainy days bring tranquility and peacefulness to many of us. The serene environment, cool air, and the soothing pitter-patter of rain have a calming effect, making us feel relaxed and sleepy. But it’s also the best time … Read more

Happy Easter Coloring Pages

Happy Easter coloring sheets

Spend Easter more creatively and meaningfully through these Happy Easter coloring pages! Easter is a delightful family holiday brimming with traditions, colors, and chocolate-filled treats. There’s nothing like going on an Easter egg hunt while surrounded by cool air and spring flowers! Work on Easter coloring sheets to fully embrace the true essence of this … Read more

Coloring Pages of Old Cars

These coloring pages of old cars will deepen your love for old automobiles and, at the same time, cultivate your creative talents. Old cars are exotic machines that bring us back to the good old times. Each is a piece of history, with impressive designs and engines that are hard to replicate in modern vehicles. … Read more

Dragon Crafts for Tweens

These dragon crafts for tweens are craft kits with everything you need to make dragon arts and crafts projects at home. They also make great gifts for the tweens in your life! Dragons are royals of the mythological world. In books and movies, these mighty, fire-breathing creatures are usually portrayed as protective and dangerous. But … Read more